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Muddy boots lab

Science in the woods

We call this project the Muddy Boots Lab because our aim is to establish a covered and well-equipped science workshop in the woods. The lab will give children access to science equipment and learning resources, that they can freely use as an integral part of child-led discovery and experimentation outdoors. With access to microscopes and other high quality resources, they can explore the nature, processes and methods of science, within contexts that they find personally engaging.

Equipping the space

We have already applied for funding to purchase the necessary equipment ( keep your fingers crossed) and we can utilise a new wooden building next to the open-air woodland classroom to house it.

The list of equipment we have initially asked for is:

15 Zoom pocket microscopes and 4 led stereo microscopes; thermometers; digital scales; GPS equipment; white pond dipping sampling trays; Field Studies Council field guides; magnets; torches; plastic mirrors, measuring beakers, measuring jugs, test tubes, funnels, and syringes; magnifying glasses; large and small insect nets, butterfly enclosures, universal indicator paper.

What will our lab look like?

Evie has drawn some ideas to include in the design of our Muddy Boots Lab. Have a look at all the small details she has included, to make it a fun place to explore science. Well done Evie!

We would love to see more design ideas for the lab. Send your drawings to