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Website pages for children - what is your view?

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1 year ago Lucy Willans

We have been looking at how to make the website easier for children to read. It is quite common to see websites that have a specific section for children, but we feel that in doing so we are taking children out of the main arena and limiting their access to the full range of information, a form of unintentional exclusion. This also applies to adults who require easier text to read.

With this in mind, we are developing another option. Our idea is to make a copy of each page available, with the same content but with the text re-written in a much simpler form. This easy-read option would be opened by clicking on a button at the top or bottom of the page. 

This is an experimental idea and we would value your feedback at this early stage in the planning. If we go with this option we would also appreciate having adult and child volunteers to help us to convert text to this easy-read version, and to test the system and provide feedback.

Please email me (adults and children) on with feedback on this idea, or with alternative ideas for making the website more inclusive.

Lucy Willans
Lucy Willans