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Online safety

Your videos and photos

As part of all of our projects we will be using this website, our YouTube channel and social media to share videos and photos with you.

It would also be lovely to receive your videos and photos to put on our website,  YouTube channel and social media.  We are still working on a simple method to receive videos from you, and will let you know when we have, but meanwhile photos are most welcome. 


The serious bit

Unlike using social media, where you take direct responsibility for uploading video or photos of yourself or your children, we have a legal responsibility for content uploaded onto this website. We will, therefore, need you to fill out a permission form for any photo or video that contains the image or voice of any adult or child that will be published on the website.  Simply scan or take a photo of the form (downloads available below) and send it back to us with the video or photograph you submit (a photograph or scan of the signed form is fine. You can ask for that video/photo to be removed at any time, but it helps us if you can give a week’s notice, unless it is an urgent safeguarding matter. Contact Lucy Willans, using contact details on this website, for a video or photo to be removed.

Your child's safety and rights are always our first concern when delivering projects, workshops or clubs, so please help us to maintain those same standards online.  We will not use videos or photographs of a child without the specific permission of a parent or guardian and, although it isn't a legal requirement, we would also like to have the child's permission. So if you are sending a photo or video of your child please involve that child in filling out the permission form.  Please also ensure that there are no children except your own in the photograph or video, and do consider whether the photograph or video is suitable for public viewing, ensuring that it respects the dignity of your child. 

We would love to display all your videos and photos but we can't guarantee this, so please make your children aware of this, to avoid disappointment.

If you want further advice on keeping your children safe online here are some useful links.