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About community gardening

The funding for this project has given us the opportunity to buy a polytunnel and to develop a range of gardens. Our intention is to grow plants for food and as craft materials and also to incorporate gardening into schemes of work within the curriculum. We currently have plans for a Second World War 'dig for victory' garden, an explorer’s garden (plants brought back to England from early exploration), a weaver’s garden and a foraging garden. We will also be exploring water conservation and other sustainability issues.

We need you

Appledore School pupils will be involved in every aspect of the work, but we also need volunteers to help to develop the gardens and maintain and harvest them year-round. We welcome experienced gardeners or those who just love to potter around. You could join a team for a day, to plant up a new garden, offer your horticultural experience to develop a gardening scheme or learning materials, or just pop in during the school holidays to do a bit of dead-heading and harvesting to keep everything in order. We also welcome individuals who can share their gardening knowledge, although not able to do physical work.

Everyone can help

Even if you are aren't able to leave home you can still be involved in the project, by growing plants and caring for cuttings in your own house or garden until needed. We are also grateful for any help that care homes or other organisations can give, and we are happy to organise events in your own setting, to get things started. We are a dementia friendly team. Contact us to discuss your individual situation.