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Workshop title: 1600s Jamestown settlers
Age range: KS1
Available as: 3 individual 2hr sessions, or a full-day workshop
Can be extended by a further 1 or 2 sessions.
Location: Appledore School - woodland classroom and woods

A hands-on experience

In a series of 2 hr outdoor sessions this workshop explores the personal experiences of early 1600s settlers, arriving in Jamestown, Virginia on ships from England. Using a combination of teamwork, resource and skill cards, personal accounts, role play, costume, shelter building, traditional craft work, and the use of natural resources gathered on our woodland site, small teams work together on practical tasks and problem solving to survive the hardships in this early American settlement.

Something to talk about

The workshop is designed to enrich schemes of work covering early exploration. Topics covered in group discussions include why some people chose to emigrate to America, the dangerous sea journey, the skills and resources needed to survive, negotiating a good trade, the importance of working together and the impact on the indigenous population.