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Kim Benson - Illustrator

Kim Benson joined the Apple Tree Initiative team for a few weeks,  to meet with pupils at the school and create illustrations for the Garden Connections project. Kim also created the font that we use next to our logo and a Zine (a type of informative leaflet) that we will be distributing to neighbours of the school.  We are grateful for Kim's input and enthusiasm, and look forward to having other Illustration student from Petroc join us in the future, to add some more splashes of colour in our projects.

For information on the Petroc foundation degree Illustration course:


I’m Kim Benson, a local artist from North Devon currently studying FdA Illustration at Petroc through the University of Plymouth. Being based in North Devon I am continually inspired by our local surroundings and try to capture elements of it in my work wherever possible. I love my work to be full of colour and joy, with a particular love of anything different or quirky. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums, particularly gouache paint, but I do just love any opportunity to create ‘stuff’!