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Children as community storytellers

Finding a voice

To engage fully with the future of their community, children need to explore the different methods they can use to convey their ideas, views and concerns, in ways that will be compelling and engaging for their chosen audience. As part of a long-standing tradition in the school of encouraging children to have a voice in their community, the 'children as community storytellers' initiative will offer a diverse mix of opportunities - from creating their own website or child-led tours, to curating their own museum exhibition. The aim is a progression through increasingly challenging methods of communication, to become confident, capable communicators in a multi-media world. See below for some of these activities.

Photo Appledore Village, Phillip Hallam,

Photo: Ursha Street, Ian Capper,


One aspect of children communicating ideas and concerns about their community, is being able to map the area and identify individual points of interest. The following activity offers children at home, and in class, the opportunity to practice this skill.

This activity was devised and written for us by Lydia Lambert, a post-graduate research student at the University of Winchester. The video was created by Will Lambert

Heritage tour and mapping activity

Welcome to our heritage tour and mapping activity where you can investigate the heritage in Appledore and make your own personal map using the things you discover. This is a digital activity using Google Street View. Click the link below to watch the video and get you started, then you are ready to explore and make your own heritage map.

To access Google Street View visit

If you would like to send in your maps we would love to see them! Please email a photo or scan of your map to If you are happy to share your map please let us know, so we can publish them on the Apple Tree Initiative website.

Library explorer kit collaboration

As an extension of the mapping activity detailed above, Year 6 will also be collaborating with Dominique Sequoia from Appledore Library on a new project. The library is producing a range of explorer kits in handy backpacks. These kits, on a range of outdoor themes, will contain books, maps, equipment and activities, offering children and their families a fun day of activities, exploration and adventure in the local area. Year 6 have been asked to create a maritime heritage trail map to be included in one of these kits, highlighting points of maritime interest in Appledore. This collaboration offers valuable, real-world experience for the children - in designing a product to a client's brief, researching and incorporating the relevant information and ensuring that the final product will be engaging for a young audience.

Photo: cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Rob Noble -

Take a closer look at door knockers

Jo Fortune has been out and about in Appledore looking at door knockers for us, and doing some research into their history. Click on the link below to find out more and begin your own door knocker hunt, while on your walk to school or online using Google street view.