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Share your love of woodworking

The Garden Connections project funding includes the cost of some basic woodworking tools, giving pupils the opportunity to make wooden items for use in the project, or to sell to pay for more tools. The school is developing a comprehensive woodworking curriculum, to ensure that pupils become confident in correct tool use and understand the properties of different woods, our woodland heritage and conservation issues. We need the help and advice of individuals with woodworking experience, professionally or as a hobby, to broaden the children’s opportunities in woodworking.

A social opportunity

We are also looking for second-hand tools and for individuals who are willing to help us to find, renovate and care for those tools.  This could be a great opportunity to  develop a regular social event for woodworking volunteers, sharing a cuppa and biscuits as we create new woodworking plans and maintain resources. We hope that you can find some time to share your love of woodworking with us, and with each other. Please contact the Apple Tree Initiative team if you are interested, or know someone who may be interested.