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The seven generations project

Seven generations in the past

The first part of this project explores life in Appledore over the last seven generations, by following the family history of one Appledore family with deep connections to Appledore's maritime history, the Schiller family. This project was made possible by Catherine Hunt, a parent with two children in Appledore School, who has generously offered access to her family records and photographs.

Our project partner at Winchester University is : Dr Niall Finneran, Faculty Knowledge Exchange Lead (Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography), Programme Leader MA Cultural Heritage and Resources Management.

A community project

With the generous assistance of Schiller family members and their work collegues and friends, local historians, enthusiastic volunteer researchers in the community, cultural heritage professionals and MA and PhD students studying cultural heritage at Winchester University, Appledore School students will work with the Apple Tree Initiative outdoor team to research, explore, map, audio record, interview and photograph - to build their own innovative and captivating set of learning resources that explore multiple aspects of local heritage, including housing, travel, shipbuilding, food production, wartime experiences, gendered roles, manufacturing, gardening, local dialect and traditions, and traditional crafts.

Child-led tours

One activity that pupils may choose to develop and deliver, is a child-led Schiller family walking tour in Appledore - taking groups on a tour of houses, work places, gravestones and social spaces connected to the family. There will also be the opportunity for pupils, and other members of community, to upload relevant images to the Winchester University 'Sensing Place' web-based heritage app, that links these images to a digital map and offers the opportunity to add descriptions. This will ensure that the children's research efforts become a permanent, universally accessible record, contributing to a wider understanding of rural life in North Devon.

Seven generations forward

The second part of the project will give pupils the opportunity to look seven generations forward. Having explored the past and gained an understanding of some of the issues of life in Appledore through the Schiller family's experiences, there will then be the opportunity to take that knowledge and consider how to help to shape a productive future for the next 7 generations. With the support of local experts and enthusiasts involved in local environmental issues, planning, heritage preservation and other local decision-making processes, pupils can express their opinions and ideas on how to shape the future of Appledore.

Family photos supplied by Catherine Hunt

Appledore quay photo by Sannse at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0,