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Pulleys, ropes, rollers and buckets

Workshop title: Pulleys, ropes, rollers and buckets
Age range: EYFS
Available as: 3 individual 1hr sessions, or a half-day workshop
Location: Appledore School - woodland classroom and woods

Putting the fun in physics

This workshop focuses on methods of transportation and understanding and using mechanical systems. The children are presented with a range of pre-assembled rigs of pulleys, ropes, buckets, wheeled vehicles and rollers, to play with and explore. These include balancing scales and methods for lifting, pulling and rolling, to move logs, branches, leaves, stones, water, bricks, wooden blocks and wood shavings.

Designing solutions

The children collaborate, experiment with physics and absorb an understanding of safe working as they play, moving freely between methods or repeating actions, to develop a deep understanding.

Having investigated these options, the children are then presented with the challenge of designing their own methods, using the same range of equipment. Learning goals include self confidence and awareness, movement and handling, shape, space and measures and understanding simple technologies.