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Workshop title: The five senses
Age range: EYFS    KS1
Available as: 5 x 1hr sessions, or as a full-day workshop 
Location: Appledore School - woodland classroom and woods

A sensory journey

This workshop provides a sensory adventure of sights, sounds, textures, smells and tastes, all provided by nature. From the moment your class or group arrives in the woods, they will use their senses to investigate the environment in different ways. Our hands-on activities begin with a walk through the rich woodland space to the log circle, to familiarise the children with the space they will be learning in. As they walk they will be taking part in a memory game.

An exciting space

Each activity focuses on a different sense and encourages the children to explore aspects of development and identity, whilst also engaging with language, science and exploring the world. Activities include viewing stations, sound hunts & maps, storytelling, collecting different textures, tasting foraged foods, and making magical potions from fragrant herbs and other natural resources.

Free play in the woods is always a popular way to reward the children at the end of the workshop. A great way to end a fun-filled, educational experience.